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Development & Land Use >>

Wherever I go in Council District 5, the most controversial issue is overdevelopment – new developments in communities whose infrastructure cannot absorb the greater impacts. It has long been the case that LA’s infrastructure – our streets, sidewalks, parks, water, power, and other public spaces and utilities – lags behind new and larger developments. Similarly, we must recognize that LA is a growing city with an affordable housing crisis that has been caused by a citywide shortage of housing of all kinds – affordable, rental, and market-rate. Neither the crumbling infrastructure nor the housing shortage will be solved overnight.

But what can change and what must change immediately is greater trust in planning decisions, greater transparency and better planning. Read More...

Traffic & Mobility > >

We all love Los Angeles because of its weather and the quality of life, but if there is one thing to complain about in Los Angeles, it is the traffic. Council District 5 has some of the best communities in terms of the quality of life, but for many of these communities, the trade-off to living in them is that you are trapped and parking is impossible. We have some of the busiest intersections in LA – along Wilshire near Sepulveda, Overland near National, Motor Drive near Monte Mar, and Ventura near the 405.

When approaching mobility as your councilman, I will emphasize five key considerations in evaluating any transportation option. I will ask whether the transportation is Safe, Accessible, Reliable, Affordable, and Sustainable. Read More...

Addressing Homelessness > >

When I was growing up on the Westside of LA, I rarely ever saw a homeless person. It was not part of my daily life. But today is different. People without a place to call home can be found in nearly every neighborhood in LA, from Westwood to Fairfax, Palms, and the Valley. No neighborhood is free from encampments – and we all know their locations and the impact they have on our neighborhoods. Nearly 48,000 people live on the streets of LA every night – and the number has gone up by dizzying percentages in the past four years. Nearly 3,000 veterans are homeless. Affordable housing and shelters are in short supply and unsafe. Preventing a person from becoming homeless is too often an after-thought. Homelessness isn’t just a problem, it’s a crisis.

We must end the City’s homelessness crisis and make our streets and sidewalks safe and clean again. All of us deserve a decent and stable place to call home, but too many of our city’s residents do not have one. Read More...

Public Safety & Crime >>

The core of a livable city is public safety. Government’s basic duty is to protect the safety of its residents. And our politicians must recognize this to be fit to serve.

When I launched this campaign in May, crime was discussed in passing. But since October, it has become an issue in every discussion I’ve had with voters. People worry about their safety and security in their homes. Many say they have never seen an LAPD vehicle patrol their neighborhoods. And they have good reason to worry. Crime in Council District 5 has increased at staggering levels, with a 52.6% increase in violent crime in West Los Angeles and a 25.8% increase in violent crime in the Wilshire Division over the past two years. Read More...

Protecting the Environment >>

When I’m elected to the City Council, I will work tirelessly to make LA’s streets cleaner, greener, and more livable for everybody.  I have cared about environmental issues for my entire life and have a lifelong love for the great outdoors, ever since I spent summers in the wilderness as a young kid. Read More...

Animal Welfare & Safety

Whether it be protecting local wildlife, maintaining a responsible and safe zoo, or enhancing our public Los Angeles Animal Services, I will be the conduit that delivers actual results for the humane community.

We need to reform LA Animal Services. Right now, its programs are inefficient and suffer from a lack of outreach. Its employee and volunteer morale is at an all-time low. Both have led to poor results. I will make reforming LA Animal Services a top priority. Read More...

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