Council District 5 Good Government Pledge

In a groundbreaking article, the L.A. Times revealed what is broken about L.A.’s city politics – lobbyists have extraordinary power as the main financiers of our politicians.  The politicians listen to them and the people get hosed.  As reported by the L.A. Times, special interest lobbyists were at the center of a corrupt and illegal campaign finance scheme.  The special interest lobbyists collected over $600,000 in illegal contributions and funneled them to City Hall politicians.  Do you think the politicians care about the people when the lobbyists are the financiers of their campaigns?  Please.  

Lobbyists are responsible for an ethic of special interest dependency and corruption in City Hall, with politicians getting too cozy with the special interests and their chief advocates and ignoring the needs of the people.  Problems like our broken streets and sidewalks don’t get fixed because the politicians are too cozy with the hired-guns and fear independence.

We owe it to the people of L.A. to break this ethic of special interest dependency.  The people of L.A. help fund our city elections with a matching funds system that gives candidates up to $100,000 in taxpayer funds.  We owe it to the taxpayers of L.A. to run an ethical campaign.

To that end, I will hold myself to the following:

  1. No lobbyist money! I will accept NO campaign contributions that are raised by lobbyists.  

  2. No developer money! I will accept no campaign contributions from developers who have projects in front of the City.

  3. Let’s debate the issues! Our city’s democracy is strong if voters can hear what the candidates have to say directly.  I agree to participate in a debate in every neighborhood in the district.  



P.S.  If all my opponents agree to the pledge below, then I will accept it too.

  1. No Citizens United money! I believe Citizens United was a disastrous decision that was wrongly decided and has single-handedly eviscerated the power of the people in American democracy.   I will reject any SuperPAC or “I.E.” spending on my behalf. If any SuperPAC money is spent on my behalf, I will donate dollar-for-dollar that amount of money to a charity from my campaign to discourage dark money.

Jesse can’t do this without you.

Be Part of a Better L.A.