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Animal Welfare & Safety

Whether it be protecting local wildlife, maintaining a responsible and safe zoo, or enhancing our public Los Angeles Animal Services, I will be the conduit that delivers actual results for the humane community.

We need to reform LA Animal Services. Right now, its programs are inefficient and suffer from a lack of outreach. Its employee and volunteer morale is at an all-time low. Both have led to poor results. I will make reforming LA Animal Services a top priority.


1. World Class Shelter

Our animal shelter serves not only the public safety, but also the moral depravity of animal cruelty and suffering. I will work to do an independent audit of the LA Animal Services to cut waste, improve efficiencies, re-examine partnerships, and improve kennel conditions. There are reports that the North Central kennel has no roof over the outdoor portion.  We need to ensure that the heating works in the winter and the cooling works in the summer. Together we will build an animal shelter like no other.

2. Spay and Neuter Outreach and Education

We have money for spay and neuter programs allocated to LA Animal Services every year, but the money is not being spent. We need strong educational and outreach programs to low-income communities to make sure we’re spending all money allocated and bringing our animal population under control.

3. More Transparency

My opponent believes that transparency adds too much bureaucracy. I disagree. In LA Animal Services, we need to have more oversight and accountability. I will work to study various options, including an inspector general or an accountability commission to maintain the integrity and ethics of our shelter system.

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